Tips and Tricks: Leaf Capture


Leaf Capture 11.5: Lens Calibration when Shooting to CF Card

  Using LCC in Capture One with your Aptus raw files
Recording mechanical lens’s focal length into the metadata
Web Gallery metadata support and import
Using Leaf Capture Remote with Capture One 5.0
Reviewing results from Lens Calibration feature
Easily access the shots folder
Gray Balance Your Images while Shooting
Adjusting images as a group
Compare Images
Trashing images and emptying the trash with one click
Adding or Subtracting Selective Moire Reduction selections
Clean Long Exposure
Compare images with Synchronized Pan and Zoom
Maximize Your Images As you Shoot
Shooting tethered with Leaf Capture and Lightroom
Creating a new Gray Balance and applying it to many shots
Save Time on Post-production
Simple to Use Layout Feature