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Below are a number of tips & tricks that can make your assignment a breeze. Let us know if you have tips/tricks that you have discovered yourself.

Leaf Credo
Cleaning your Leaf Credo Back


Leaf Aptus

Using Capture One’s Lens Cast Correction tool for creating a uniformly lit scene

Utilizing the Custom Functions on the 645DF when using Live View

Using the Local Picker in the Histogram for Leaf Aptus-II (New GUI)

Web Gallery metadata support and import

Deleting Images In Shoot Mode

Reset the file-name counter

Ensure Proper Exposure While On the Shoot

The Orientation Setting

Rotating the Image VS Rotating the Menu Icons

Capture One

Art-reproduction: Using Capture One’s Lens Cast Correction tool

Open up the deep shadows with Capture One’s Levels Tool

EIP file format – Enhanced Image Package

Custom ICC profiles on multiple computers

Color Edits as ICC profiles

Leaf Capture

Leaf Capture 11.5: Lens Calibration when Shooting to CF Card

Using LCC in Capture One with your Aptus raw files

Recording mechanical lens’s focal length into the metadata

Web Gallery metadata support and import

Using Leaf Capture Remote with Capture One 5.0

Reviewing results from Lens Calibration feature

Easily access the shots folder

Gray Balance Your Images while Shooting

Adjusting images as a group

Compare Images

Trashing images and emptying the trash with one click

Adding or Subtracting Selective Moire Reduction selections

Clean Long Exposure

Compare images with Synchronized Pan and Zoom

Maximize Your Images As you Shoot

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