Vladimir Petrov
Leaf AFi-II 10R

"I love panoramic pictures, to my mind it’s the best way to perceive landscapes and when I got my 56 MP Leaf I realized its fantastic potential in this area."

Vladimir Petrov

Vladimir Petrov is the proud owner of LVL-Photo Studio, a premier Russian professional photography studio which makes use of all of the latest high-end digital photography equipment.

LVL-Photo Studio’s advertising work features some of the world’s best known brands like Patek-Phillipe, Mercedes-Benz and Piguet. Vladimir’s landscape work covers a wide range of topographies and has garnered much praise and recognition. In fact, at the spring session of FEP 2011 Vladimir received the QEP (Qualified European Photographer) certificate for his landscape work.

“The features I love in my Leaf include its high resolution which allows me to create large format pictures, its high dynamic range which shows detail in highlights and shadows, its minimal noise in long exposures which lets me shoot in low illumination conditions, the tilting display which helps me have full control even when the camera is in a very low position and of course the R function which dramatically shortens the time for changing the orientation and simplifies the whole process.”

Vladimir made his first foray into photography as a boyhood hobby, but soon put it aside to focus on his career as a leading radio engineer at a radio factory in Sverdlovsk; while working there he invented a number of devices for which he received numerous awards and recognition. In the early 2000s Vladimir revived his hobby but after a while found that he was unhappy with the images produced with amateur equipment. In 2008 he opened up LVL-Photo Studio with his two children, Leonid and Lyudmila with the aim of building the first top notch studio in their town of Yekaterinburg “for people who seek perfection”.

“Everyone was very excited to be able to work with this equipment. We had to learn a lot so we started our education from famous Russian and European photographers, attending seminars, courses, master-classes both in Russia and Europe. It took us more than a year to implement the project.

I was one of the first in Russia to buy the 56 MP Leaf back with a rotating sensor. We were amazed with the quality of the picture, detailing, color rendering, huge dynamic range… We work with top brands which we can trust, using the Leaf 56MP back with Schneider AFD and Zeiss optics, Broncolor light and Apple Mac with EIZO monitors.”

Some of Vladimir’s most exhilarating shots capture breathtaking panoramic landscapes. “I love panoramic pictures, to my mind it’s the best way to perceive landscapes and when I got my 56 MP Leaf I realized its fantastic potential in panoramas. So I decided to work in this direction, thought over a system and bought additional equipment. The revolving sensor in my Leaf is just indispensible! I use 45° prism finder so turning the camera would be terribly inconvenient. The R function on the Leaf AFi-II 10 lets me shoot vertical and horizontal panoramas without changing the position of the camera. It’s an extremely convenient, compact and lightweight panoramic system.”

The picture displayed above is from Vladimir’s “AMERIСANA” series. “Driving through a little town in Utah I took note of a small shop painted in American flag colors selling second hand clothes and unusual goods. A lot of stuff was put outside and there was a row of these cowboy boots on the pavement. That was impossible to miss! I could have shot it from the other side of the road with a tele-lens but I chose to shoot it from the traffic-way with a wide angle lens to make this row of boots a front plan for the racy shop walls. At this low position of the camera the tilt screen was extremely useful, allowing me to have full control of the process.”

“For panoramas I use lenses with focal lengths of 50, 80, 180 and 300 mm. As opposed to small optics line for film panoramic cameras, this kit of lenses helps me to be more creative in composition. For example I can make a wide-angle panorama with space compression by stitching the pictures taken with a long-focus lens. Usually I make horizontal panoramas stitched from vertical pictures. My Leaf back has 9288 pixels on the vertical side and by stitching such vertical pictures into a big panorama with the ratio of 3:1 and very little crop I get the file with real resolution of 9000 X 27000 pixels which means 300 dpi prints sized 30x90 inches and more…”

LVL-Photo is one of the leading photography studios in Russia leveraging high-end photographic equipment which meets the requirements of the most demanding customers. Located near the city center of Yekaterinburg the studio utilizes techniques from the world’s leaders of professional photography equipment.

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