Steffan Jahn
Leaf Aptus-II 10R

"While it was the resolution and tonal range that brought me to Leaf at first, the thing that has kept me a loyal customer is the great support Leaf provides – an essential for the working professional."

Steffan Jahn

Steffen Jahn is a Stuttgart-based photographer who specializes in shooting cars – but not just any type of car, Steffen shoots fast cars. In fact, Steffen uses his 56MP Leaf Aptus-II 10 to shoot amazingly vivid images of the world’s fastest and most luxurious sports cars like Lamborghini, Audi, AMG, Porsche, BMW and others. “I always try to bring inanimate objects to life. A car is all about speed, movement and acceleration and the fascination it brings to the driver as well as to the spectators. This is what I try to emphasize in my images.”

Steffen was lucky enough to discover his passion for photography – and supercars – at an early age. He bought his first camera for a school trip to Moscow and has hardly put it down since. “After finishing an apprenticeship in one of Europe’s biggest car studios, I started to assist car photographers worldwide for a couple of years - and this lead straight into becoming a car photographer.”

A traditionalist who had been shooting 8x10” negatives for years, Steffan was always a firm-believer in the superiority of film. Indeed, it was only when he heard that Leaf’s digital processing produced film-like images that Steffen was willing to take the plunge. “I was completely blown away when I saw for myself that Leaf delivered digital images that were far better than what I was doing with film. I started off with a Leaf Aptus 75 - a great tool. My new Leaf Aptus-II 10 pulls out incredible resolution and breathtaking tonal range.”

“I love the rock-solid technology that never misses a beat and I love the Leaf people. Everyone is helpful - everyone supports you when you have an issue and need some advice. While it was the resolution and tonal range that brought me to Leaf at first, the thing that has kept me a loyal customer is the great support Leaf provides – an essential for the working professional.”

Steffan craves full control in his work process and uses only the best equipment available to ensure that he gets what he wants. “For the most part my work is shot with my Linhof 679CS and Schneider-Kreuznach lenses - I just love to create the image precisely and have all the perspective control over it right on the set. When I need a faster kit I switch to the Mamiya 645DF. The RAW processing is done exclusively with RAW Developer which delivers ultra-smooth and highly detailed images from the Leaf .MOS files.”

The images displayed in this article are from an inspiring series of images that Steffen recently completed of the new Lamborghini flagship model – the Aventador. Used worldwide to promote the new supercar, Steffen’s images are an excellent example of how to properly use light and details to show off the Aventador’s sharp angles and sexy curves. “As the work load was pretty massive, I chose a very simple but effective light setup. For lighting I used an Arri-fresnell spot for the dramatic shadow and several Dedolights to work out the shape of the car. Some Kinoflos were added to highlight the sharp edges of the car’s body.

The production was top secret - people outside of the studio were wondering about the massive engine sound in the studio. It was a nightmare to be jailed into a studio with one of the world’s most amazing supercars without a chance to take it on a test-drive - so we just had the chance to listen to the glorious sound of the 12 cylinders. There was a famous Lamborghini Miura SV from 1967 as well in the studio for the next shoot - and the art director literally lived in the historic racecar. He was a complete car-fanatic.”

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