Moti Fishbain
Leaf Aptus-II 8

"For my work with water splashes I’ve found that the flash sync speeds of 1/1,600 of a second from the combination of a Leaf Aptus-II 8 on a Phase One 645DF enable me to freeze the water at the exact moment that I need to make the shot work.”

Moti Fishbain

Moti Fishbain is a Tel-Aviv based photographer who specializes in shooting cosmetics, food and industrial products for big-name brands like Loreal, Lancome, Versace and Peugeot. Many of Moti’s most exhilarating shots incorporate fast-moving elements like fire and water which splash and shoot out from his subjects. One might say Moti has a real need for speed; in his day-to-day work he needs to be able to capture a precise millisecond to make his compositions work. It was this focus on speed – and Moti’s self-admitted obsession with perfection – that brought him to the Leaf Aptus-II 8.

The Leaf Aptus-II 8, which utilizes a 44x33mm CCD sensor with an impressive 40MP resolution, boasts one of the fastest capture rates in the industry at a quick 0.8 seconds per frame. This unique combination of resolution and speed has made the Leaf Aptus-II 8 digital back a favorite amongst many professional photographers.

“The combination of the Leaf Aptus-II 8 on a Phase One 645DF camera with Schneider lenses enables me to leverage flash synchronization speeds of an unbelievable 1/1,600 of a second. For my work with water splashes I’ve found that this combination enables me to freeze the water at the exact moment that I need to make the shot work.”

Although Moti is a veteran photographer with 15 years of experience under his belt, he never saw his future profession in photography. “During my studies I always found myself circling around the profession. Whether I was studying graphic art or animation I was constantly surrounded by people – and elements – from the world of photography; the move from graphic design and animation to photography seemed like the most natural thing in the world.”

After coming to terms with the fact that photography was his lot in life, Moti immersed himself in his studies at a well-known photography school in Tel Aviv. It was only after he completed his studies and began working at a professional photography studio that he got his first real taste of digital photography. “Almost immediately after I began working with digital backs on medium format I realized that film was dead. Digital format gave me an amazing level of sharpness that film simply couldn’t achieve. I ran all the tests I could think of by using a large format Sinar camera to take two exposures of the same object – one with a digital back and the other with a film back. The results were very convincing both in regards to depth of color and sharpness. Digital cut down on the noise that is inherent in film, saving tons of time in post-production as well as in the actual shooting process. I could now finish in one day what it used to take three days to accomplish.”

“Digital photography lets me see up to 100% resolution without using a loupe. My type of photography demands a high level of details and sharpness. Shooting jewelry requires a high level of sharpness within its stones. If I’m freezing liquids I need to make sure that everything is frozen.”

By the time Moti opened up his own studio in the early 2000’s, he already knew that he wanted to begin shooting medium-format with a Leaf back. However as a young photographer just starting out he compromised and made do with a full-frame 35mm Kodak with 14MP resolution because it was similar to medium-format. “The Kodak certainly got the job done, however as I progressed in my capabilities I quickly realized that I couldn’t put off making the jump to medium format any longer; I knew that I wouldn’t be able to reach my full potential with anything less.”

“As soon as I could I got myself an Aptus 65 on a Mamiya RZ. Aside from the obvious advantages in terms of resolution and detail, I chose Leaf because of their service. One day without a camera cancels out any savings from buying a sub-standard brand. I could have bought one of Leaf’s competitors at a better price but I still decided to go with Leaf because of their world-famous support.”

Moti works exclusively tethered to his laptop. His obsession with details ensures that even while shooting out of the studio, Moti will have an assistant follow him around with a laptop so that he can immediately see each and every detail on the image. “I need to see my images as big as I possibly can. Details rule the day – color, sharpness and lighting means that I cannot spare even a single pixel.”

Once Moti figured out that the latest sensors were producing such detailed images he knew that he couldn’t put off upgrading any longer – he wanted more resolution. "Even though the customer won’t necessarily demand the 40MP resolution of my Aptus-II 8 they can feel that it’s a better image. They enjoy the depth and the additional cropping options. The customer isn’t always right but he’s always the customer.”

Moti Fishbain is a professional commercial photographer who specializes in shooting complex still-life photos including jewelry, cosmetics, food, industrial products etc.

Moti is known to be a perfectionist as well as capable of answering complex problems such as building tools and props from scratch on the set itself. His work involves advanced post-production processing and the use of cutting edge technologies in the pursuit of the perfect image.

Aside of his successful studio, Moti manages to find time for teaching in Israel's leading photography schools and is an active art photographer as well.

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