Eva Casado
Leaf Aptus-II 6

The color accuracy and the high quality reproduction of all the textures were the two main factors when I chose Leaf. My customers love the sharpness I achieve with my digital back.

Eva Casado

Eva Casado is a Spanish photographer specializing in animal, food and interior photography. Her style emphasizes texture, fine details and colors to show off the workmanship and attention to detail which differentiate her clients from their competition. Eva's customers include the likes of for Coca-Cola, Rastreator, Affinity Petcare, Carrefour and Actiu.

“The color accuracy, sharpness and image quality of my Leaf digital back make my final images stand out. It is the detail achieved in each shot that really makes the difference - especially when I see the prints of my customers and the good results they achieve.”

Eva uses a Leaf Aptus-II mounted on a Mamiya 645DF and technical cameras. “I have been shooting with Leaf for quite a few years. Leaf was my very first choice when I decided to jump into medium format photography. As I am specialized in animal, food and interior photography being able to use different types of cameras with the same digital back while retaining the same quality is just great. It makes my workflow very easy and flexible.

The color accuracy and the high quality reproduction of all the textures were the two main factors when I chose Leaf. My customers love the sharpness I achieve with my digital back.

I cannot find words to express how happy I am with the Mamiya Leaf tech support in my country, Spain. The service quality and the fast response is a must-have for every professional photographer - especially when you need to achieve the maximum quality for each shot.”

In the bedroom shot displayed above, Eva's customer wanted the image to highlight all of the textiles' fine details, especially those in the cushions.

“The ability to shoot tethered is very useful in these cases, as you can work on the set while preparing the shot.”

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“With the Aptus' live view mode I don't need the sliding adapter of the technical camera while shooting outside of my studio and I avoid unnecessary movements of the digital back.” You can see how Eva and her team use the Aptus on a technical camera to shoot interior photography in the video above.

The image above was shot by Eva for a manufacturer of modern chairs with very specific colors. One of their critical requirements was that the images flawlessly match the colors of their subjects.

“Getting the right colors is very important in interior photography, especially when you are shooting furniture. Imagine if one of their customers bought two thousand chairs and then saw that their color was different from what they saw in the catalog. This client originally contracted me because they had this sort of problem with other photographers. Without any doubt, this project called for a digital back capable of getting the right color with no deviations from the original. That is where my Leaf really stands out.”


“My food stylist often says that food photography is all about the color. Being able to reach a natural and appetizing look is crucial in every shot. My Leaf digital back easily meets this challenge. I just need to choose the right ICC profile and start shooting. With the help of Capture One I can increase the intensity of specific colors to emphasize the parts I want to highlight and also improve the quality of their details.

In this image you can see the color we achieved in the crispy chicken. The details in the crispy skin is what makes this picture so appetizing and appealing.”


“This image displays white anchovy fillets in an oil sauce with garlic and parsley. My mission was to get those silver reflections to shine without compromising on the details in the fish skin. I used an easy, light-weight setup: a carbon tripod, my Mamiya 645DF coupled with my Leaf digital back, Profoto wireless triggers and flash generators.”

Below you can see a little making of video for this project.

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