Colin Anderson
Leaf Aptus 22

"From the moment l saw the quality of the Leaf compared with other systems l was sold, the amazing detail it holds in shadows and across the spectrum is just amazing."

Colin Anderson

This image is part of a series l developed based around the idea of a beautiful woman being ship wrecked.

This image "Escape", is the last of the series and as the name suggests shows her finally escaping from solitude.

The idea for the series came about while traveling along The Great Ocean Road which is situated not too far from where l live in Melbourne Australia. With this notorious stretch of coastline often being referred to as The Ship Wrecked Coast, the idea just fell into place. As is often the case, on returning from such a trip all the elements are processed and sorted into various existing folders such as oceans, clouds, beaches etc. At this point l knew l wanted the images to have a very stylized, editorial look - with a strong fashion influence.

The first step in creating a shot like this is normally to build the background. This is important so when the model is brought into the studio both perspective and lighting can be matched to help sell the shot.

Having chosen a cloud image that had the light source coming from right of camera l then went about trying to recreate this same effect.

A Broncolor A4 pack with a large Mola dish was set up to the right side of the model. The Mola dish has a nice wrap around feel which suited the shot, l also placed a white medium sized umbrella on the opposite side which gave a soft bounce and helped define the model and ensured she didn't blend into the background. Two silver umbrellas where used to light the white seamless background making it easier to extract such fine details as hair.

Shooting with a Maimiya 645, 80 mm lens with my Leaf Aptus back, l shot while tethered to a Mac Pro tower, using Leaf Capture software.

Finally l shot the lifesaver buoy element (there was only one) outside in natural, diffused light in a variety of positions so the image could be stripped in around her. I was mindful that l wanted them to overlap and be on top of each other like they were bundled together, perhaps giving her some hope of security.

Now in photoshop and all the elements are finally brought together, l started slightly desaturating the overall colour to even-out tones. Colour balance was then used to give a blue, cool feel and contrast was increased via levels, just to help all the elements 'pop'. Drop shadows were then painted in to finish off the images and help ground all the components together.

I've been shooting with Leaf backs for years now, in fact my first digital camera of any sort was a Leaf system. From the moment l saw the quality of the Leaf compared with other systems l was sold, the amazing detail it holds in shadows and across the spectrum is just amazing. Since then, l've seen all manner of digital capture and nothing yet has me convinced there is a better system.

Canadian born Colin Anderson moved to Australia with his parents at the age of 14, later studying advertising and design at a Melbourne university. He went on to work as creative director at an advertising design agency before leaving to pursue a career as a photographer.

Although considered a generalist, Colin's work is stylistic, conceptually and often narratively based. A vision, that has been shared with such diverse companies as IBM, Compaq, Dell, Maxtor, Microsoft, Toshiba, Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Canon, Kodak, MTV, Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, Time, Newsweek, Forbes, MaserCard, Merrill Lynch, Hotel Sofitel, Hayman Island Resort, Sheraton, Warner Bros, EMI Universal and many more.

In 2004, together with twenty-one of the industry's leading stock photographers, Colin co-founded, a stock agency that has established itself as the world's leading destination for ethnically diverse business and lifestlye imagery.

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