Bernhard Spöttel
Leaf Credo 80

"With the Mamiya 645DF+ and the Credo 80 I could react quickly and actually capture the moment."

Bernhard Spöttel

Bernhard Spöttel is a well-known German advertising photographer who specializes in shooting sports, people and cars. He has been shooting the official Audi calendar since 2010 and for the 2013 calendar he took his Leaf Credo 80, his new Mamiya 645DF+ and a technical camera with him.

"The fast startup time on the Credo 80 proved itself to be a real life saver on this project. You've got to be able to move fast when shooting such fast moving subjects. With the Mamiya 645DF+ and the Credo 80 I could react quickly and actually capture the moment. All my shots with the technical camera had to be carefully set up beforehand."

"The high resolution screen on the Credo helped me check focus to make sure I got the image I needed. This was especially important when shooting untethered on the technical camera - just two clicks on the touch screen and I knew I had what I needed."

"I need all the resolution I can get for these kinds of shoots. Audi uses the images in so many different formats. The calendars are printed in A2 size but the images are also blown up for billboards and for use in Audi's advertising campaigns. Without the Credo image quality the pixallation would have made such large blowups nearly impossible. In post-processing 80 MP gives me the RAW data I need to build the shot anyway I like. Sometimes I only use part of the image and crop the rest out - with 80 MP you can't see a quality difference between a cropped image and a complete one."

"The Mamiya 645DF+'s enhanced auto-focus feature came in very handy. Sometimes I had to quickly get my shot in - no more than a minute or two to get in, set up the shot and get out. The auto-focus worked like a charm, letting me focus more on achieving my visualization of the image."

"Keeping low ISO with fast sync works really well outside the studio as it lets me have full control over ambient light and depth of field."

About Bernhard Spöttel

Bernhard is the founder of Photography Bernhard Spoettel. To create the best images Bernhard and his team use the best equipment, because it`s their passion.

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