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Leaf Aptus-II 10R

"Our Leaf digital backs have never let us down through the years, and each generation is better than the previous one, so at this time we don't even consider switching – for Art Repro work, Leaf provides the best solution."

Louis Blancard Art Digital Studio’s Head Photographer

Art Digital Studio has been shooting works of art for some of Paris’ best known auction houses and antique dealers for more than 10 years now. They use their 56MP Leaf Aptus-II 10R to shoot detailed images of paintings, furniture, jewelry, silver, Asian art and African art, which are used to create catalogues and online brochures of collections prior to their sale by the auction house or antique dealer.

Art Digital operates according to a very straightforward philosophy – We strive to produce the most precise and accurate images possible – and a high-level of professionalism which has generated a strong following among the most important antique dealers in Paris. Their clients include well-known dealers like Sotherby’s, Pierre Bergé et Associés, Edition Faton, Galerie Perrin, Galerie Kugel, Galerie Steinitz and Applicat Prazan.

Louis Blancard Art Digital Studio’s Head Photographer commented, “We have 4 people working year-round at Sotheby's: 2 photographers and 2 digital guys and in peak periods it goes up to 8.

We produce the images for 30 to 35 catalogues per year, which represents something like 15,000 images per year. We shoot 99,99% digital; we use Hasselblad V & H models with a number of Leaf Digital Backs ( Valeo 22, Aptus 75s and Aptus-II 10R ) but on demand we shoot 4x5 inch prints.”

Producing such “precise and accurate images” is often quite a challenge. “The most difficult aspect in our work is to remain objective while reproducing the exact color and the shape of a specific work of art even as we sublime it by working with light and angles”. Art Digital Studio makes use of a wide range of Leaf digital backs to ensure that their images display colors to the level that their clients have come to expect. “We chose Leaf after running tests with other digital backs. The color rendering, which is one of the most important issues for us, was much better on Leaf than the others. Our Leaf digital backs have never let us down through the years, and each generation is better than the previous one, so at this time we don't even consider switching – for Art Repro work, Leaf provides the best solution.”

During 2006-2007 Art Digital Studio’s Louis Blancard and freelance photographer Nicolas Dubois led the project which photo-documented the restoration campaign of the Gallery of Mirrors in the Versailles Palace. Over 400 images from Art Digital Studio were shot, from close-up architecture and sculpture details to large paintings and the panoramic shots of the entire ceiling which was made possible only when all the chandeliers were removed as part of the restoration. The documentation, which focused on the restoration campaign itself and which was financed by the Vinci Group in what is considered to be the largest corporation sponsorship ever received by the French Ministry of Cultural Heritage and on its final results, are featured prominently in the book “La galerie des Glaces – Histoire et Restauration” Ed. Faton 2007.

“For this work, we used Leaf 33MP back and Hasselblad 555 ELD with nearly all the Zeiss Planar CF-CFE lenses (30 , 40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 120, 150, 180, 240 mm) with 6 Elinchrom Style RX (1200 & 600J) for lighting. For the panoramic shots of the vault we took 3 angles (55° - 90° - 125°) at 13 positions along the gallery and 2 shots of each pediment. All the 42 images were processed at 50% (at this time even Photoshop CS3 in beta version had trouble with files bigger than 2Gb) in Leaf Capture and perfectly matched in Photoshop CS3, with absolutely no automatic batch (as photomerge) due to the curvature off the vault. It took three entire days.”

Art Digital Studio’s latest Leaf acquisition was the 56MP Leaf Aptus-II 10R. “We took the decision to purchase the Leaf Aptus-II 10R in order to shoot very-high resolution images for the large format prints we produced as Digigraph Editor. Epson Digigraphie is a fine-Art printing label. The internal rotating sensor was a big plus as it enabled us to shoot portraits without needing to remove the back and expose it to dust – which is quite a common element in many museums.”

About Art Digital Studio

Art Digital Studio is a photographic studio and fine-Art prints workshop based in Paris, France. The studio specializes in still life photography of piece of Art and works for well-known auctioneers, museums and galleries such as Sotheby's, Pierre Bergé & Ass. , Versailles Castle, Chantilly Castle, Steinitz Gallery and Perrin Antiquaires. The staff, composed of photographers and digital technicians, is always shooting on location in order to deliver the best color rendering and obtain images as similar as possible from the original work of Art. The fine-Art workshop, based in Boulogne close to Paris, offers a variety of large-format digital prints and is certified by the European Epson Digigraphy Label.

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