The world's most versatile camera platform
for high-end photography

The Mamiya 645DF+ camera combined with Leaf Credo backs offers you unparalleled control, performance, precision and reliability and lets you focus on creativity.

Building on the success of previous generations of the camera, the new 645DF+ camera went through a complete overhaul of all moving parts to produce a camera with the highest uptime in the market of high-end photography.

An enhanced auto-focus mechanism delivers accurately focused images, even when shooting in low light or low contrast environments. An all-new custom adjustment feature permits fine tuning the alignment of the camera body to its digital back. This is especially important when dealing with focus critical captures in difficult environments. The Mamiya 645DF+ also makes use of the new high-powered rechargeable Li-ion battery, enabling up to 10,000 captures on a single charge.

The unbeatable combination of the Mamiya 645DF+ camera and the Leaf Credo camera backs offers a seamless extension for your creativity. Extraordinary capture becomes natural through ease of use and direct control. Take advantage of the Mamiya digital focal plane lenses or Schneider-Kreuznach designed leaf shutter lenses. You can also use your Mamiya 645 AF/AFD or Hasselblad V lenses, giving you an even broader choice.

The most versatile camera platform in high end photography

The Mamiya 645DF+ camera has support for the Leaf Credo 80, 60 and 40 digital backs as well as more than 50 other digital backs and 80 different lenses from multiple brands, making it the most versatile camera platform for high end photography.

More creative options for you from unparalleled performance
You can capture virtually any type of image with the 645DF+ and push the limits with a camera that exposes up to 60 minutes or as fast as 1/4000 second. The 645DF+ gives you the freedom to use your creativity to capture unique images that make you stand out as a creative photographer.

Mixed lighting situations can present a challenge in fast paced shooting environments, but with the 645DF+, you can take control by using flash synchronization speeds of up to 1/1600 second with the leaf shutter lenses designed by Schneider-Kreuznach.

The 645DF+ is one of only a few cameras that support both focal plane and leaf shutter lenses, and utilizes a unique seamless system to combine both shutter technologies.

Get the job done faster with striking precision

The 645DF+ comes with an enhanced auto-focus that delivers accurately focused images again and again. Even when you are shooting in low-light or low contrast the enhanced auto-focus of the 645DF+ will deliver for you.

An all-new custom adjustment feature, let's you fine-tune the alignment of the body-back combination to match your focus preference. With it, you can get the most from all your camera system assets. You can use a wide range of lenses and backs interchangeably and always be sure to get the focus preference you have set.

Mamiya 645DF+

Higher reliability, more time for photography

The Mamiya 645DF+ pushes the envelope of our proven platform and utilizes new technology combined with high quality components to provide you with a reliable, rugged camera system. Building on the success of previous generations of the camera, the new 645DF+ camera went through a complete overhaul of all moving parts to produce a camera with the highest uptime in the market of high-end photography.

The body of the 645DF+ camera is primarily made out of tough, aircraft grade aluminum and magnesium. In combination with fine-tuned mechanics, state-of-the-art electronics and great ergonomics, this rugged camera is the perfect tool for your demanding work.

More power to you
Say goodbye to disposable AA batteries and unexpected interruptions in the middle of a shoot when you use the 645DF+ with the new rechargeable, Li-ion battery. The all-new, rechargeable, Li-ion battery for the 645DF+ camera powers up to 10,000 captures on a single charge, giving you more time to focus on your creativity.

You can charge this battery in five hours and enjoy up to 10,000 shots before you need to recharge again.

The new battery comes with a charger featuring a 100-240 volt universal power adapter, so you can use it virtually everywhere in the world.

Unbeatable combination

With Capture speeds as fast as 1.2 frames per second, the combination of the Mamiya 645DF+ and the Leaf Credo provides freedom and flexibility to realize your creative vision.

  • Fastest image transfer speed, using the latest USB 3 and FireWire 800 technologies
  • Open platform for maximum choice and compatibility
  • Durable, proven platform for secure operation
  • Ergonomic handling and ease of use
  • Use Schneider-Kreuznach designed LS lenses, Mamiya AF/AFD, Mamiya 645 PRO TL or Hasselblad V lenses
  • Exposures from 1/4000s to 120 seconds
  • Flash synchronization up to 1/1600 sec
Simplicity of operation

The largest display and touch LCD controls means your session with the 645DF+ and Leaf Credo will be the height of ease of use.

The mirror and viewfinder of the Mamiya 645DF+ camera are almost three times larger than those of 35mm cameras, providing much greater control of focus and composition.

While hosting a complete list of features and custom functions, the Mamiya 645DF camera is extremely easy to use. All settings important to the exposure are easily controlled by manual dials and soft buttons.

Add an optional V-Grip Air for vertical shooting and enjoy a built-in wireless flash trigger for the Profoto Air system. The V-Grip Air also easily integrates with other flash systems using a Profoto Tranceive and is the only wireless solution for 1/1600s sync speed.

Mamiya 645DF+ Specs
Camera type
Modular 645 AF SLR body
Mamiya Digital focal plane lenses
Schneider-Kreuznach designed leaf shutter lenses
Mamiya 645 AFD lenses
Compatible with Hasselblad V lenses
Open platform back mount
Auto focus
TTL phase-difference AF with 3 focus points
Focus confirmation in manual mode
Infrared AF assists for unfailing focus
Auto focus lock for swift AF/ M shift
1/4000s to 60 minutes
Up to 2 fps
Shutter speed bracketing
Focal plane shutter: Up to 1/125s
Leaf shutter lenses: Up to 1/1600s 1st and 2nd curtain flash synchronization
X sync terminal and support for TTL flash
Light metering
TTL metering (average, spot and auto)
Programmable AEL button
Exposure compensation: +/- 5EV
Electronically-activated by switch on grip
Fixed prism viewfinder Exchangeable diopter from -5 to +3 LCD panel with full exposure information
Focusing screen
Interchangeable focus screens Laser engraved mask for digital back Matte, Grid, Checker, Microprism
Self-timer from 2 to 60 sec
Screw-in cable release on shutter button
Terminal for electronic triggering devices
Stop down Preview
Stop down button on front of camera
Tripod socket
1/4 inch and 3/8 inch
Power requirements
Rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack
6 AA batteries (standard or rechargeable)
External battery pack – 6 AA batteries
External AC adapter
User configuration
3 Custom dial modes for capture settings
36 custom settings
Customizable dials and buttons
153 x 128x 184 mm, 6 x 5 x 7.2 in (W x H x D)
1030g (35 oz) without batteries
Content is subject to change without notice.
Leaf Credo Specs
Credo 80
Credo 60
Credo 40
CCD size
53.7 x 40.3 mm
53.9 x 40.4 mm
43.9 x 32.9 mm
Active pixels
10,320 x 7752
8984 x 6732
7320 x 5484
80 MP
60 MP
40 MP
Aspect ratio
Pixel size
5.2 micron
6.0 micron
6.0 micron
ISO sensitivity
Exposure time
1/10,000 – 120 seconds
1/10,000 – 60 seconds
1/10,000 – 60 seconds
Full resolution capture rate
0.7 frame/sec
0.8 frame/sec
1.1 frames/sec
RAW File compression (large)
80 MB
60 MB
40 MB
RAW File compression (small)
54 MB
40 MB
26 MB
Output image dimensions 300 dpi
300 dpi: 87.4 x 65.6 cm
300 dpi: 76.1 x 57 cm
300 dpi: 61.9 x 46.4 cm
Output image dimensions 600 dpi
600 dpi: 43.7 x 32.8 cm
600 dpi: 38 x 28.5 cm
600 dpi: 30.1 x 23.2 cm
Color depth
16 bits (65,536 levels per channel)
16 bits (65,536 levels per channel)
16 bits (65,536 levels per channel)
Dynamic range
12.5 f-stops
12.5 f-stops
12.5 f-stops
Color management workflow
Range of factory ICC profiles, plus optional ability for users to create their own custom camera profiles
3.2 in, 1.15 MP bright touch LCD with 170 degree viewing angle
Image viewing
Preview up to 6 images on one LCD screen, up to 400% zoom
Onboard tools
Live View on LCD, spirit level, ISO, white balance, histogram, exposure alarms, image rating, 645DF custom functions
English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish
CompactFlash including UDMA 6 and 7
FireWire 800, USB 3.0, USB 2.0
  • Capture One 6.4 or higher
  • Minimum Requirements Apple Mac: Core Duo 2 or higher, 4GB or more, 10.6 or higher
  • Minimum Requirements Windows: Core Duo 2 or higher, 4GB or more, Win 7 or higher
2900 mAh rechargeable Li-ion
Operating conditions
0°–40°C (32°–104°F), Humidity: 15%–80% (non-condensing)
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