Firmware Updates

Download firmware updates for your Leaf Credo Digital Back, your Mamiya 645DF+, iXR Camera or your XF Camera Body.

Firmware updates normally improve the performance of your hardware, add features and functionality and in some cases also fix bugs specific use case issues. Please read the Release Notes and/or Readme files that are relevant to the firmware that you are downloading as they include instructions as well as explanations about new features and any remaining known issues.

PHASE ONE XF UPDATE #4 provides new tools and functionality to the XF Camera Body.

The new Firmware introduces advanced focus control and tools with Autofocus & Recompose, Focus Trim Tool, Automatic Focus Stack Calculator and Vibration Analysis. Furthermore, the new firmware version FW4.00.55 for the XF introduces several workflow tools and functions to enhance existing features of the camera system, improving productivity and professional delivery of the XF Camera Body.

New XF Camera features:

  • Autofocus & Recompose mode (AFr)
  • Focus Trim Tool
  • Automatic Focus Stack Calculator
  • Focus Nudge
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Infinite Vibration Delay
  • Capture Analysis Popup Control
  • Image Browse
  • External two-shot release

Follow these links to download the new firmware and release notes/ instructions:
Phase One XF Firmware 4.00.55
Firmware Update #4 Release Notes

Leaf Credo Firmware

The Leaf Credo firmware can be installed via CompactFlash card, FireWire or USB. For FireWire or USB installation, you need firmware 2.01 as a minimum and Firmware Updater 3.2.3 or later.


Credo Firmware 4.02 Release Notes
Credo Firmware 4.02

Leaf Credo 50 Firmware

Credo 50 Firmware 2.02 Release Notes
Credo Firmware 2.02

Mamiya 645DF/645DF+ firmware

The Mamiya 645DF/DF+ firmware can be installed by using your V-Grip Air device. If you do not have one please contact your Mamiya Leaf dealer who can help you.

Mamiya 645DF+ Firmware 2.31 Release Notes
Mamiya 645DF+ Firmware 2.31

Mamiya 645DF+ Firmware 2.27 Release Notes
Mamiya 645DF+ Firmware 2.27

Mamiya 645DF Firmware 1.58
Mamiya 645DF Firmware 1.58 Release Notes

Firmware Updater

The Firmware Updater utility allows you to check the current firmware on your device and to find the current and latest versions online. You can also use it for installing the the firmware offline. It works with Leaf Credo backs, Mamiya 645DF/DF+ cameras and also Phase One iXR and 645DF/DF+ cameras. The downloads below contain instructions for using the the Firmware Updater.

Firmware Updater 3.3.1 for Mac
Firmware Updater 3.3.1 for Windows


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