Software Downloads

  Capture One 7
  Leaf Capture 11.5.3
  Leaf Capture 11.5.1
  Leaf RAW converter 1.2.6 for Windows
  Leaf RAW converter 1.2.6 for Mac
Leaf Capture Remote 2.1.1 application for Apple iPhone/iPad
  Leaf Capture Remote 2.1 application for Apple iPhone/iPad - 32 bit
  Mamiya 645DF+ and 645DF Firmware updater

Download firmware updater for Mac
This updater can be used to update the 645DF+ and 645DF cameras to latest camera firmware version.

The 645DF+ and 645DF cameras are updated via the USB port on the vertical grip

If you do not have a Mamiya/Phase One vertical grip, please contact your dealer to help you with updating your camera.

  Note for Mountain Lion 10.8 users

If you are installing Leaf Capture 11.5.3 on a computer that already has Mountain Lion 10.8 installed on it, follow the instructions listed below.

Before installing LC 11.5.3 you must change Security & Privacy settings in System Preferences as follows:

  1. Select System Preferences > Security & Privacy
  2. Click the lock to make changes
  3. Select Anywhere
  4. Close the preferences window
  5. Install LC 11.5.3
  6. Repeat steps 1 & 2
  7. Select Mac App. Store and identified developers
  8. Close the Preferences window
  Note for Lion 10.7 users

On some new Macs the pre-installed 10.7 OS is missing some Java modules that are essential for smooth installation and running of Leaf Capture 11.5.3. If these modules are missing the OS will issue an error message when you try to run the Leaf Capture Installer and you will not be able to complete the installation

We recommend that you run a full software update after setting up your new Mac or alternatively follow the below link to download and install the necessary modules: