Karsten Staiger
Leaf Credo 50

German-born photographer Karsten Staiger is in love with New York City. Staiger has built his career shooting advertising campaigns for luxury brands and corporations in his Chelsea studio.

 New York Love Story evolved out of Staiger’s desire to approach New York from new perspectives and spectacular heights. He creates an expansive collection of exceptionally high-resolution large format photographs of NYC, while simultaneously documenting the entire process with still photography and video. He invites you to experience his bird’s eye view.

Cameron Davidson
Leaf Credo 50

An Award winning location photographer based in Alexandria, Virginia. He loves to fly, travel, get on his bike, get dirty, enjoy life and share the adventure.

“Best view in the world is from the rear cabin of a turbine helicopter” says Cameron. He has published several aerial photography books and his work has been showcased in National Geographic, Vanity Fair and numerous other commercial publications.

Frank Doorhof
Leaf Credo 50

A fashion and lifestyle photographer based in Emmeloord, The Netherlands, Frank grew up with passion for motion and movement, starting with capturing nature and animals in video that has later evolved into fashion and model still photography.

In 2013 Frank and his wife Annewiek moved to a big studio which also serves as an educational centre to further the development of their photography business and workshops. Frank teaches workshops on a weekly basis in The Netherlands and in other countries. In 2010 Frank was the first European photographer to join Kelbytraining, a group of the worlds best instructors in both photography and retouching.

Although model/fashion photography is a huge interest for Frank he also shoots artists, what started with Wibi Soerjadi has led to a lot of famous and starting artists that found Frank’s work to be unique and fitting for their albums, books and publications.

Frederik Herregods
Leaf Credo 50

Commercial & Portrait Photographer based in Antwerp, Belgium, Frederik is a Self declared guitar hero, imaginary racing driver and general enthusiast.

He likes Telling visual stories about people or brands.
His range of work features different aspects from shooting advertising campaings with big crews and capturing intimate portraits in small hotel rooms to travelling around the world in the pursuit of dream cars. His recognizable style and look are the common theme that merges all those aspects to one fluid story.

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